Public Health Care

Cantonment Act 2006 obligates Cantonment Board to provide basic health services to all the citizens residing within the Cantonment. For this purpose Cantonment Board has established a 08 bedded Cantonment General Hospital which is functioning to cater to the health needs of residents of the Cantonment, employees of the Cantonment Board and nearby areas of the Cantonment where no medical facility of comparison exists. Health check up of Cantt. Boards school students carried out quarterly. Health cards with photographs have been issued to all the cantonment residents and Cantonment Board staff.

Citizen's Responsibility

(i) Parents should contact hospital administration to obtain the vaccination for their newly borns as early as possible after the birth of the child.    

(ii) Never talk loudly when in the hospital.         

(iii) Always stand in queue.          

(iv) Keep you surroundings clean and environment friendly.     

(v) Lend a helping hand to elderly and severely sick.

(vi) Keep the hospital premises clean.

(vii) Follow the prescription scrupulously and do not leave the treatment midway.