Ayodhya the ancient city and birth place of Lord Rama is located close to Faizabad Cantonment. Faizabad is known as Saket in Hindu Mythology and was founded by Suryavanshi dynasty. 

Nawab waris (heir) of the Oudh Sadat Khan laid the foundation stone of the present city. He built his residence at Ayodhya at Lachman ghat known as “Kila Mubarak’.

Obdul Mansoori Khan (son of Sadat Khan) popularly known as Safdarjang founded the city of Faizabad and made his military Headquarters in the present Cantonment location adjoining Faizabad city and Ayodhya.

The new city of Faizabad the capital of Oudh was built by Nawab Siraj Udduala in the year 1755 AD after succeeding Safdarjang. Sirajuddaula also built a fort called “Chotta Calcutta” on North of Faizabad Cantt. Faizabad during his regime rose to older fame of oudh and was considered at par with Delhi in terms of prosperity. Merchants from Persia, China and Europe visited and money flowed like water.

The Battle of Buxar in 1774 AD and conquest of Oudh by Britishers made Nawab Asifudualla to shift the capital of oudh to Lucknow on 26th Jan 1775 AD.

The British formally established the Faizabad Cantt. in the third Quarter of 18th Century (1856 AD). The British Infantry was located in the Cantonment till second world war. The absence of any forts/fortifications establishes absence of any major battle having been fought at Faizabad between oudh & Britishers.