About Us

The Cantonment Board Faizabad (CBF) is an autonomous body under the control of Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India and discharges obligatory and discretionary functions as per the provisions of Cantonment Act 2006. The Cantonment Board is a regulatory body to manage and control the municipal, land and building activities as a whole or as a part in the Cantonment area in accordance with law, rules/policies issued by the Ministry of Defence, which includes the maintenance of land records/details and boundary of Cantonment area. The Faizabad Cantonment is spread in 4048.650 Acres of land, out of which a part belongs to “Bazar Area” having dense civil population. Cantonment Board also provides civic services and infrastructure facilities to the residents of Faizabad Cantonment.

The functions of Cantonment Board Faizabad can be broadly categorized as under:

  • Municipal
  • Regulatory
  • Urban Development
  • Quassi Judicial